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Kensington Roof Gardens - Branson has never lost money on it
Kensington Roof Gardens – Branson has never lost money on it

I Googled “Brand Building” the other day.

Suggestions that came back from various experts included: Define your product, identify customer touchpoints, design the optimal customer experience, leverage your brand…

I’ve worked with some big brands over the years and I can honestly say I have never heard statements like that in actual use…except by consultants!

The profitable companies I work with always talk about getting sales, delivering those sales, maintaining the quality of the product or service, handling returns efficiently and politely, looking after the business reputation and finally, building customer trust by doing what you say you’ll do.

The ‘Brand’ comes from doing all of that…

Richard Branson
Richard Branson

Richard Branson cites a story in his autobiography of taking over The Roof Gardens in Kensington – a garden nightclub of 1.5 acres on the 6th floor.

The owners of the club were in financial trouble. The Upmarket Club (the Brand) was losing money and so they turned to Richard Branson to take it of their hands. They couldn’t make it work they said.

Early in its takeover, Branson noticed that the doormen were turning away men in Jeans at the door and asked what they were doing.

“They don’t fit the club image” (the Brand) was the reply. “Let them in anyway.” said Branson.
Immediately, the club became profitable and Branson still owns it to this day. He never lost a penny.

Branson has never followed some fool hardy notion of what the “Brand” should be.
He went with sales first, looked after his customer, maintained the quality and took it from there…

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