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Brad Pitt ChanelIn the age of television and the Internet – celebrity and publicity go hand in hand.

Companies pay millions of pounds for Celebrity endorsement and celebrities know that endorsement is a big part of their commercial appeal. But as a smaller company – how do you get this endorsement?

If you run a charity it can be easy enough. Celebrities like to be seen to do the right thing and will sometimes endorse a Charity if it’s for the right reasons.

But endorsing a company? That’s a different matter.

Small companies have to get clever and they have to be prepared to invest some products into the equation.

You can’t make a Celebrity do anything if you’re not paying them or at least giving them something. So you can only ‘Gift’ them what you have and request a simple endorsement.

Of course you will ask for a Tweet or a post on Facebook – and hope to get one.

Kim Kardashian is charging $24,000 per tweet. Brad Pitt charged $5 million for the recent Chanel No 5 campaign.

However, there are more affordable people out there!

Don’t underestimate the Reality TV stars from The Apprentice, Big Brother, Made in Chelsea and so on. They get in the papers a lot and are sometimes happy to receive a nice gift.

Do speak to us about this route as we’re always willing to explore the possibilities.


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