Celebrity Sells, Publicity Pays

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Cheryl and Simon
Cheryl and Simon – seeking new Celebrity hunters

For some, the thought of another season of X-Factor Auditions is an exciting prospect.

For me, I find it irritating that the X-Factor circus will shortly be back in town again.

But there is no denying one thing: the Celebrities involved will make a packet of money from it.

Victoria Beckham
A very young Victoria Beckham

Celebrity Sells, Publicity Pays.

Practically all celebrities are masters of publicity.

Sharen Osbourne virtually invented a career for herself and her family based on her reality TV show ‘The Osbournes’. Extremely clever.

And what about the Kardashians? In 2010, Kim Kardashian was the highest-earning reality star in the US with estimated earnings of $6 million.

We live in an age where a generation of young people will do almost anything for Celebrity – from following it, to copying it, to wanting it.
And it isn’t just teens.

Victoria Beckham has been practicing the art of celebrity since she was a teenager and perfected it with the Spice Girls. Every opportunity she gets to be seen or nowadays to dress someone in her clothes, she takes it.

Celebrity endorsement pays, even for Victoria Beckham.

For businesses, Celebrity has simply become part of the Marketing and PR mix.

You have to do it.
If you have the money and you’re in sport – it’s straightforward – go out and hire a leading sportsperson for a sum of money. Female Golfers are an interesting looking group right now.

If you want to appeal to teens – go and hire an up and coming band. They’ll endorse your product for relatively little – and they might be the next Spice Girls or One Direction.

But what if your business hasn’t got huge sums of money? Then you have to be savvy. You have to seek opportunities that will appeal to the Celebrity on more terms than money alone.

Sometimes a celebrity will endorse a product just because they believe in it, or they like it or they just want to help you.

You just need to know what to approach them with.

But of this you can be sure – every successful business nowadays has behind it a publicity strategy.

Have you got one?

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