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Social Media - everybody's doing it!
Social Media – everybody’s doing it!

The future of PR and Marketing is wrapped up in Social Media.

With Social Media you can direct your PR at people who are genuinely promoting you and trying to sell for you at the same time…

We have clients who are generating hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales a year just through Social Media. It’s happening now…

You can do it too…in fact, you must.

With the exception of some specialist magazines and national newspapers, Print Media is just not where people find new products anymore. They discover new products and ideas on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Then they might read about them later.

So if you want your market share to grow – you have to go where the growth is…

We are particularly interested in talking to companies in Fashion, Beauty, Homes&Gardens and Technology.

If you are in these categories, get in touch. We have a programme that fits you perfectly…


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