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Where are the Men?

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We know that young women have taken Social Media by storm in the past two years…but where are the men?

For sure, there are some young men in America who see the potential in Social Media and are making a very good living from it – but what about the UK? It’s hard to find more than half a dozen blokes working on Social Media right now of any value!

C’mon guys – if you’re out there – get in touch. Let’s fix this…

If you’re a Male Brand – the opportunities are immense. The cost of entry to the Male Social Media market is a fraction of what it is in the Female sector right now – so take advantage of that…

Here’s a publishing tip for you.

Women are usually interested in general subjects – such as Fashion or Beauty or Lifestyle – and the gossip that goes with them.
Men however, tend to follow specific subjects – such as sport, cars, bodybuilding etc.

Men’s and Women’s brains are wired slightly differently in that regard.

So if you’re a bloke – and you have a hobby – start blogging and vlogging about it. The chances are, there’s a million men out there waiting to see it!


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