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We have dozens of success stories.

Nanshy Makeup Brushes is a company that manufactures Vegan/Animal Fur Free Makeup brushes. We began that project by enrolling the help of Bianca Jagger – a leading advocate against cruelty to animals and former first wife of Mick Jagger. Since then we have achieved millions of Social Media ‘shares and likes’ with Bloggers and Vlogger across the world. In one SOcial Media event we ran in London at the end of last year – we achieved 4 million tweets in one day with the hep of some of Britains eading Cosmetic and Beauty bloggers who atended an event we laid on for them. In the time we have been with Nanshy, they have gone from working from the front room of their house to having a warehouse and are now looking to building their own factory.

Ventz is a simple device that a motorbike rider slips u their sleeve and it allows air to flow around the bokers body cooling him or her down. When we started this project it had no following whatsoever. we not only achievee conventional PR by getting e nearly every leading Motorbike magazine across the world to write about it but we formed relationahips with dozens of leading motorbike bloggers and motorbike clube who encouraged their readers and followers to try the product, In just about 3 years we have been instrumental hekpiin th company to achieve distribution in about 25 countries. is a while ago now and we built the first commercially successful version of the website. (the second site in total) We were instrumental in taking it from a £10 million pound loss and turning it into a profit centre. THe WAll Street Joural voted us Best Departent Stor Online. While in Harrods, we launched products for Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Jaguar, Anya Hindmarch and many others and were instrumental in enabling the Board of Directors to see the future of marketing through the Internet and reduce its dependency on paper. We have references to prove it.

Nutscene is a gardening company – famous for making ‘Jute Twine’. It is based in Scotland that has been going successfully for over 100 years. Every gardnerer worth their salt has heard of Nutscene as their products are world famous. The Managing Director tells us that our Social Media – that until now we have focused through already successful Gardening Bloggers such as the BBC, Gardening world etc – results in continuous enquiries from across the world for their products. This year for the first time we are looking at ways to develop their own Social Media Presence and followers.





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