Selling through Social Media

Selling through Social Media

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In a short space of time, Social Media, and in particular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have matured into platforms that every marketer has to take seriously.

In certain areas of business such as technology, food, beauty or fashion, a marketing campaign without Social Media has become unthinkable.

Going back 20 years?

For some companies, Social Media is still seen as a ‘cost’ or a liability rather than an ‘opportunity’. This has similarities with websites from 20 years earlier.

When the Internet first became popular, companies were building websites but for the most part, weren’t making money out of them. In some cases websites were seen as dead money.

So instead of seeing the Internet as an opportunity, businesses were concerned that they now had the double cost of producing a website and having to maintain traditional corporate brochures at the same time. Costs had gone up but sales hadn’t.

Gradually, people found their feet and the technology became easier to use. As it did, companies realised that they didn’t need expensive brochures anymore and instead could keep all their corporate info on the Internet instead.

Suddenly, and in a very short space of time, ‘Double Costs’ had become half costs!

This then gave way to e-commerce.

Now, not only could a company carry their company information online, they could sell alongside that information as well.

Websites versus Social Media

It was only at that crossover point that the Internet truly took hold as a business and marketing asset – because instead of being a liability, the Internet had suddenly become a potential source of revenue.

The same is true of Social Media and we’re seeing exactly the same curve playing out.

Thousands of companies the world over have been posting daily to Facebook, Twitter and so on with no real idea how to convert that work into money. “But it’s something we have to do”, was the mantra the same as 20 years ago.

xocialmediapeopleTurning the Tide

Fortunately, at BritishBrandsOnline we’ve been working with clients who were targeting the Under 35’s as far back as 5 years ago.

This age group has taken to Social Media like a duck to water. We began to see this age group not only sharing information but actually buying what they were sharing.

But while the Under 35’s were taking off, the Over 35’s were stagnant. For the Over 35’s the Internet was still just a tool to stay in touch with family and friends in a new way – nothing more than that.

All that has changed.

While it’s certain that the under 35’s are easily the most commercially active age group in Social Media, the Over 35’s have quickly started to catch up.

For anyone who doesn’t believe me – try using ‘Facebay’ – a mashed up word meaning a combination of Facebook and e-Bay. Facebay communities have sprung up all over the world around certain keywords, communities or interests. You can sell almost anything to almost any age group via Facebay!

Try going to your Facebook account and typing “Items for Sale…” and then list a local town to you. Unless you’re living on a remote island, you should be presented with all manner of local communities who are sharing information and items for sale over Facebook. In other words, even the over 50’s have found their feet in their own way.

popupshop1So now the game is on…

Its’ no longer a case of ‘Should I have Social Media’ as part of the marketing mix but rather – “How do I incorporate Social media into my marketing mix?”

We have clients who are now integrating Social Media with the concept of Pop-Up shops – a marketing idea that puts technology and the High Street together.

Absolutely every client we have who is integrating Social Media with Bricks is winning.

Only this weekend we were at a Beauty Show in London. As a test, we put out a coupon code on Instagram offering a free gift for anyone who redeemed it at our trade stand (Social Media and Pop-Up combined).

More than 200 customers handed in the code in person during the Trade show and over 80% bought something additional from us on the day. In fact, we sold over £15,000 worth of products in 3 days and all of it was driven by a combination of Social Media and Pop-Up.

So if you’ve been thinking about Social Media but not been sure what to do – now is the time to jump in.

It’s affordable and something you won’t regret.






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