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Is there more to Social Media than Selfies?

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Is there more to Social Media than Selfies?

In a word – Yes.

At the moment Social Media can be difficult to figure out because there aren’t always success stories one can follow to see how it ought to be done.

But the writing is on the wall.

Social Media is as important now as the Internet itself was 20 years ago.

For those of you who can recall back then, there were a lot of skeptics who thought the whole Internet thing was no more than a passing fad.

Others could see that the Internet was going to impact greatly on their client communication and in particular, their use of traditional printing and telephones for sales and communication

In the past 20 years we’ve seen marketing move from being outbound – i.e. sending out mailings and brochures followed up with phonecalls or client visits – to Inbound – where the customer now expects to Find You and call you when they’re ready.

That’s is a huge shift in the sales and marketing process.

Many companies who didn’t take the Internet seriously genuinely got left behind.

I know dozens of companies – some around for over 100 years – that have not made it into the present day. Once their current client base gets old and dies off – they won’t make it another 10 years let alone another 100.

There are shoemakers, tailors, food manufacturers – in fact you can look at any type of business – where they never got hold Internet technology and as a result , new , more agile companies who know how to use modern technology have caught up and are passing these old companies out.

The same is happening with Social Media now. A whole new breed of entrepreneur is popping up that don’t even have websites! They just have Instagram or Facebook accounts and do all of their business there.

Some of them are growing 100 times faster than traditional business models.

But what aspect of Social Media should you be using?

That’s what you have to figure out.

For some, Facebook is the one. Facebook seems to be at its best for businesses whose products operate at a local or social level. It’s possible to target Facebook right into a community or even groups of people via posts and advertising.

Twitter is ideal for businesses whose product or service involves a lot of knowledge, news or political bias.

Instagram and Pinterest are really popular for companies who have products tha one can look at and take photographs of. The most successful participants in this area have built up following around an entire way of life that involves those products whether they are based in Beauty, Motoring, Fashion or Food.

And no doubt, more type of Social Media will come along. This is just the beginning.

Already Snapchat poses a threat.

I would say to any company who plans to be in business for the next decade, spend a little on figuring out a PR and Marketing strategy for Social Media.

It will be money well spent…




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