Marketing PR and Social Media – Part Two

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PLEASE READ Marketing PR and Social Media – Part One

In the early days of Social Media, it seemed that every Internet company on the planet was willing to become a ‘social media expert’ and so started offering Twitter and Social Media solutions. In the beginning it was mostly about Twitter.

These Internet companies could see that the people doing the Social Media hiring knew next to nothing about Twitter, so it was a brilliant way to get them to pay more money.

Admittedly, some Internet companies were good at it – particularly those with a Marketing or PR background. But most were just chancing their arm.

The ones that did get a grip of it did manage to get their clients up to 10,000 followers or whatever, but no sooner was Twitter showing some traction when along came Facebook.

Oh Gee…

facebook-instantFacebook was supposed to be for ‘Friends and Family’ – but we as marketers and PR people were failing in our job if we couldn’t convert this new form of communication into a marketing outlet for our widget company.

Afterall, Amazon could do it we were reminded!

Now we had to justify our Facebook figures…which we did.

Then Facebook went and changed the rules of engagement and left millions of businesses stranded because ‘Facebook had a change direction’. ‘Friends and family’ focused content was to be supported by advertising. Business content, unless paying Facebook, was secondary.

Meanwhile, we knew that Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and others were flying low on our radar and we were wondering if we could extend the week because where were we going to find the time to manage all these new communication outlets?

Our average widget company cannot possibly maintain all of these systems with the budgets they had at their disposal.

It became apparent that companies couldn’t keep chasing the next idea just because it looked good or because it’s the new kid on the block. There had to be better focus than that.

And this is essentially where we are up to…

So what now?

Social Media has been around for a good 12 years now and is a staple of many company’s communication processes. But it is still in its infancy.

Believe it or not, certain industries have yawning gaps in the amount of Social media activity surrounding them. But time will fill these gaps as more people engage with these new mediums.

So it is still important for company’s to pick their outlets wisely as to where they spend their efforts.

For this, I have come up with some guidelines – which I will publish next.

NEXT: Guidelines on how to make Social Media Decision for your business…








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