Capturing Emails from Facebook…

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That’s right – if you plan it correctly you can capture emails and clients from Social Media – particularly Facebook.

Why worry about ‘Likes’ when you can have ‘Shares’ and IMMEDIATE BUSINESS by posting in a different way.

Here is some of the sequence we use to win mailing lists and clients… But only ‘some’ of the sequence.

You didn’t think we would publish the full recipe, now did you!


After the person has ‘Shared’ and clicked our link – a bit of magic takes place in the background where we let our servers do some work – but we’re not publishing that part here! That would be like Heinz publishing a recipe!

Once the person has offered us their email which has gone into a database we’ve set up, the sequence ends with a Congratulations and a Thankyou…

Get in touch and we’ll fill in the gaps!





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