Our Press Management System

Magazines and Press Management

We offer an incredibly fair Press Management system. We only charge for results.

If you’ve arrived at this page because we’ve emailed you – it means we’re 100% certain we can get PR for you.


We charge £55 for every placement in a regional Magazine, Newspaper or Website.

We charge £125 for every placement in a National Newspaper, National Magazine or  National Website.

So for example, the Daily Mail counts as a national newspaper, while the Cambridge News is a regional one.

Similarly, a blogger with 10,000+ Social Media followers is considered a regional website whereas Hello.co.uk is a National one because it’s associated with a national magazine and has millions of followers. Don’t worry – we’re extremely fair about this and no-one has ever complained about our assessment of what is and isn’t regional and national.

The main type of Press we achieve is product placement. If your product is particularly unique or interesting, it might result in a full blown feature. However, the most popular type of editorial usually includes things like Gift lists for Mothers or Fathers day, Christmas gift guides, Summer holiday guides, Competitions or Promotions with the magazine  – as well as Editorial or interviews which are rarer.

Normally, even in regional magazines, the cost of Classified advertising would be over £200 to achieve – so to get genuine PR for a third of the price is fantastic.


Most good journalists will want to receive a sample or samples of your products. That’s your obligation to deliver.

Sometimes a journalist might only request some Hi Resolution Photographs – that too is your obligation.

In really good circumstances, a journalist may want an interview or some questions answered by email. There again lies your obligation.


Many of our clients go on to set UPPER LIMITS on how much they want to spend each month. This is because we do sometimes achieve far more publicity than our clients thought possible. If however, we are having a great month because it’s Mothers Day or whatever, we recommend taking advantage of it but we will spread your payments over a couple of months if necessary to let things balance out.

We invoice on the PROMISE of publicity. This is because in the case of the printed press, we might have to wait 3 months for the actual publication to go out. You’ll know we’re genuine because we normally have confirmation from the Editor or Journalist that we’re included in an editorial, gift guide or competition well in advance. If for whatever reason the publication doesn’t go ahead, we put your funds towards another item or refund your money.

And there it is.

Simple…and we GUARANTEE it.