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The Printed Press is powerful which is why so many companies seek out Press endorsement for their products or services.

It can mean a lot to a potential customer or a sales team to have their product or service endorsed by a reputable independent journal or journalist. Not to mention the fact that some magazines in the UK can be read by over 1,000,000 people.

Companies use these endorsements all of the time on their websites and in sales literature as they go a long way to improve customer loyalty and break down the fear of buying from new customers.

Every company who is establishing itself needs a certain amount of Press Coverage for these endorsements, in addition to Social Media which is more like a ‘friend’ recommending a product.

Where possible and where budgets allow, we recommend a bit of both for full impact.

We achieve substantial press coverage for our clients in everything from specialist magazines such as Pets Today or Professional Makeup to high end Lifestyle magazines such as Cosmopolitan or Hello magazine. We regularly feature in National Newspapers.